July – September 2018



THANK YOU, POST 1080, FOR ALLOWING ME TO SERVE AS POST COMMANDER FOR 13 CONSECUTIVE YEARS. After serving with some of the finest members and patrons who have volunteered their time and talent in the interest of the Post, I feel it is time for others to experience the same honor. I appreciate the support and assistance over the years. Without the support and volunteers, we would not have accomplished our goals.

To name a few:

Paying off the mortgage early, acquiring Video Gaming machines, remodeling the interior, refinishing the Parking lot, a new sign out front, LED lighting, and making donations to veterans, veterans events and organizations supporting veterans. All accomplished through unselfish efforts of volunteers. I consider it an honor and a privilege to have served with you. I also wish to sincerely thank Georganne for keeping things on track. I will continue to serve the Post.

My congratulations and my support to our newly elected officers.

Please remember our veterans and also those serving on active duty.

Thank you for the honor to serve.

God Bless America and Post 1080

Andy Hinch, Commander


This will be my last article as Senior Vice Commander as Tony Arellano will be assuming my position. Tony has a lot of experience being Post Commander at both Post 1080 and VFW Post 367. He has served in all the other officers positions so he can hit the street running. Additionally, Andrew Hinch is stepping down as Commander after 13 years of leading Post 1080 and he will be continuing as Trustee so we can benefit from his years of experience.

Under Andrew’s leadership, the Post has thrived and is one of the best run Posts in the State of Illinois. Please say thank you when you see him. I will be assuming the position of Commander and I look forward to continuing the success of the Post and to reintroduce many of the great Legion Programs for our members to use. Please watch future newsletters for more details.

Membership for this year has been a disappointment and there are several key reasons. First, our Post had over 40 of our members and friends pass since July of 2017. We were honored to serve the families by doing our wake service and our friends will be missed. Additionally, we had an unusually large number of our members move out of our area and transfer to other Posts allowing them to continue their Legion membership. We wish them well. In the past few years, we have been in a position to help some of our members with their dues which allowed us to maintain a high rate of membership and maintain our position as the 4th largest Post in the state, but this year we are not able to continue this program. The main reason is due to the deaths and transfers. The needed numbers would cost substantially more than in previous years.

I would like to thank everyone for the support I received as Senior Vice Commander and I hope you can continue your support for me as Commander. I look forward to serving you in the upcoming year and I ask that if you have any suggestions for making your Post a better experience, please let me know. With your support, Post 1080 will continue to be a strong presence in Joliet and the surrounding area.

Also, we are looking to fill one officer position and that is Adjutant. George Madden has been our Adjutant for 6 years and has done a wonderful job but is stepping down. If anyone wishes to learn the Legion and help your Post, this is an excellent position to learn the Legion. If you are detail oriented and wish to be considered for this position, let me know.

Thank you,
Gary Stieg, Senior Vice Commander


Post 1080 again remembered our Veterans who have passed, either in combat or later in life, by selling Poppies on Memorial Day weekend. With your support and contributions, we again had a good year and the families of our Veterans will benefit from your contributions. Poppy Day may have passed but please keep our Veterans in your thoughts and prayers.

See you for the next Poppy drive.

The American Legion supports our High School students by awarding medals to deserving students for their academic achievements. Pictured is Joliet Central High School senior Zafiro Aguilar receiving the American Legion Scholastic Excellence Medal from Senior Vice Commander Gary Stieg. Zafiro is a senior who will be attending the University of Chicago in the fall. She is an English and Political Science major who plans to enter government service upon graduation. Way to go Zafiro. Your post presented similar awards at Joliet West. The American Legion also presents the Military Merit Award to students. These are annual awards that the American Legion has supported for many years in conjunction with the guidelines of the Department of Defense. In addition to our High Schools, ROTC awards were presented at Lewis University to deserving ROTC students.


If you plan to be buried in National Cemetery, and there are a lot more than you think, we are recommending you get pre-qualified now before you need it. Remember, you and any spouse who proceeds or succeeds you and dependent children may be eligible. To find out if you are eligible, you will need to complete VA form 40-10007 and attach your DD214 and either mail or fax to the address or fax number shown on the application. They are currently not accepting electronic submissions and hopefully this will change. You must complete an application and DD214 for each individual you wish to be buried. Please start now because they have received many more applications than anticipated and are way behind. We have a limited supply of forms for you at the Post, but if we are out, you can pick one up at the Will County Veterans Assistance Commission located at 2400 Glenwood Ave. in Joliet. You can also find the form on the VA website using the number shown above, BUT you cannot electronically submit but can print it.

Remember, the VA also provides headstones, American Flags, certificates and an Honor Guard if you choose a private cemetery.

Hope this helps answer those questions in the back of your mind.


Half the year is close to being done. We just had our election and the results are in. We who are the officers will do our jobs, but we need the help of everybody out there. It would be nice to have a lot of volunteers to help us out when we need some help.

Is everybody who comes to the post happy with the things that are done here? I don’t think so, then why not tell us and offer some help around here. I invite ideas for the post but lets see some help also.

From our members, we need more people in the Color Guard and the firing squad. Let’s think about that.

Let’s see how the second half of the year goes.

We are working on the picnic and other things. We need to get started on the 100 years anniversary of the American Legion, that’s where the volunteers come in.

Let’s work together!

May God Bless America and God Bless you all

Terry Whitney, Jr. Vice Commander


Election of Post officers was held June 5th. The officers for the 2019 year are:

Gary Stieg – Commander (new)
Tony Arellano – Sr. Vice Commander (new)
Terry Whitney – Jr. Vice Commander
Rich Mulligan – Finance Officer
Buck Balsley – Chaplain
Tom Horn – Sgt. Of Arms
Frank Rasmusson – Historian
Mike Hutter and Andrew Hinch (new) – Trustees

They will all do a great job. Andrew Hinch has been our Commander for the past 13 years. Hard to believe that it’s been that long, but it has. Andy has done a great job year after year. It’s been my pleasure to serve as his adjutant for the past 7 years. Andy will be missed, but Gary will also do a fantastic job. I can honestly say that Andy was not only a good Commander but that he was also a
good person. When you see him, shake his hand and thank him for a job well done.

George Madden – Adjutant

As many of you know, as post chaplain, I do about 25 wakes and/or funerals per year. It has come to my attention that not all veterans are automatically eligible for burial at Abraham Lincoln Cemetery. This might especially be true if the veteran was in the National Guard or the Reserves. There is a form which can be obtained which is a pre-approval form for burial at a National Cemetery. So as to avoid any unnecessary “surprises” for loved ones upon the death of a veteran, I urge each veteran who wishes burial at a National Cemetery to fill out this form, send it in, and get prior approval.

Several funeral homes have other information regarding making preparations in advance. All, I think, are good at giving advice so as to avoid any more stress that might already be suffered by loved ones during the grieving process.

Chaplain Marvin “Buck” Balsley


We would like to thank everyone who supported our annual meat raffle this year. Because of you, it was very successful. We would like to congratulate the winners.

With the weather hopefully settling down, lunch and dinner rides are in sight. If any rider has a special destination or event, please bring it up. We are always looking for rides to new places. We give a special thank you to Sue Bustin for all the time she spends helping our veterans. She was instrumental in helping to receive grants for a veterans garden at JACH and was involved with the Ice Cream Social at the Veterans home, just to mention a few things.

As always, May God Bless the men and women who have helped secure the safety of our Nation

American Legion Riders


Greetings from the Auxiliary. Happy summer! Best wishes to all of our veterans and their families. The Auxiliary members are looking forward to seeing Legion family members and fellow Auxiliary members at Post 1080 this summer.

The Auxiliary sincerely thanks the Legion for allowing us to share in the activities offered at the Post. It is our honor to be associated with Post 1080. More specifically, thank you to the Officers of the Legion, SAL, and Riders. We enjoy sharing ideas and activities with you. The Auxiliary is also appreciative of Georganne in the office and all who work at the Legion for their support and concern for the welfare of the Auxiliary. They all look out for us! A big welcome to any new Auxiliary members! We are happy you joined!

The Auxiliary had a busy and successful year. Through fundraising efforts, such as poppy money raised and potica sales, we were able to donate a great deal of money to many veteran-related organizations, as well as contributing to the Post’s Christmas and Easter parties. Our biggest thrill for this year was that we visited Manteno Veteran’s Home twice. We all hope that many of you will join us at a future visit.

We had our election of officers on June 7th. Our officers for 2018-2019 are:

Sue Bustin – President
Terry Stieg – Vice-President/Membership Chair
MaryAnn Whitney – Chaplain
Mary Stacel – Treasurer
Janet Hughes – Sergeant-at-Arms
Carole Oikion -Asst. Sergeant-at-Arms
Patricia McReynolds – Historian

Best wishes and thank you to our officers! A huge thank you to our outgoing officer, Betty Peterson. Betty has been our First Vice President for many years! She’s awesome and amazing. We love you Betty! Thank you to everyone who came to a meeting this year, anyone who supported the Auxiliary in any fashion and those who will continue to support us. I would like to especially thank Barb Guardia for her wisdom and support this year as our Auxiliary’s secretary.

Our next meeting is September 6th at 6:30. We meet on the first Thursday of each month at 6:30 (no meetings in January, June and July). To all of our Auxiliary members, please try to come to a meeting! You joined for a reason! If you have not been to a meeting lately, you have all summer to get ready.

We were honored to have our State of Illinois (Department) Auxiliary President, Marsha Haag, Second Division President, Jan Martinka and Rosemary Mulligan, representing the 11th District President at our Guest Night on May 3rd.

Thank you to all who participated and/or contributed to the Post’s successful Poppy Days on May 25th and 26th.

Please come to the Post Picnic on August 18th! It is a fun time; the food and music is always great! The Legion generously puts on the picnic, and the Auxiliary is very appreciative. You can also pay your dues for next year at the Picnic.

Thank you to all of our veterans for their sacrifices. Please remember our Veterans, active military, military families and first responders in your thoughts and prayers.

Please also keep our Legion family members in your thoughts.

Thank you for allowing me to have served as your Auxiliary President for two years.

Lori Peterson


Summer is finally here!! Thank you to all the Auxiliary members for your payments. Due to your continued support, I received a Membership report from ALA, Department of Illinois, for the year 2017-2018 showing we achieved 95% of our membership goals.

I am in the process of closing out the 2018 books. If you still owe dues, I am still collecting them. You can pay your dues at American Legion Post 1080 or mail your dues to me at:

16244 Tomahawk Lake Court, Crest Hill, IL 60403

Remember, please do not pay your 2019 dues until August 1st. Again, this year you will be able to pay your 2019 dues which are $25.00 at the Post picnic in August. Please make checks payable to ALA #1080. Checks are the preferred method of payment for dues. Cash is fine but please make sure it is in an envelope with the correct amount, your name and phone number.

If you have any questions regarding payment of dues, please call me. My phone number is 815-556-8676.

Thank you for all you do to support us. Enjoy the coming days and God Bless all of you.

Terry Stieg, Membership Chairman


May you always have your life in God’s Hands!
May Liberty surround you
May your Pursuit of Happiness always come true;
May you have Health & Coins in your pocket.
May the sun shine in your life.
May the Rainbow always follow the rain.
May you always know a friend is near.
May God fill your Heart, our Country & the World with peace.
May God fill your Heart, our Country, the World with prayer.
May God Bless America & place His Love in your Heart.

MaryAnn Whitney, Auxiliary Chaplain