January – March 2019


Your Post is preparing for the new year but before we do, I am going to remind everyone of what we did the past year and most will be done again this year. I will list many of the events but not the dates. We participated in the American Legion Oratorical Contest for High School Students, provided cake and ice cream for the Veterans at the Manteno Veterans Home, were a leader in the state Poppy Drive on Memorial Day, made visits and participated in ceremonies at Sunny Hill Nursing Home, also cooked 900 lbs of meat at their 50 year anniversary, did many, many wakes and funeral ceremonies, participated in ceremonies for Memorial Day and Veterans Day, attended the State Convention and some attended the National Convention and held our Kids Christmas and Easter parties for our members kids and grandkids. Additionally, our chaplain and service officer visited many hospitalized veterans families in Joliet providing them assistance for Christmas, supported many needed charities in Joliet, worked with the community leaders in finding areas that we could assist. At our Post Home we had musical entertainment on Friday evenings after the fish fry several times a quarter. We had our annual picnic in August which many of you attended and enjoyed. These and other activities not listed are all done by volunteers including your officers. For the upcoming year, we will be doing the activities as in the past and are continuing to look for more ways to help our veterans. This year we have a speaker for the Oratorical Contest which is one of the American Legion scholarship programs. Two years ago we sponsored a speaker who won third in the state and a nice scholarship. We are seeking more students for the Boys State and Girls State scholarship programs. Most of the Legion programs are for High School students but there are some for younger students. Information is available on these scholarship programs and if you wish information, please contact the Post and ask for me, Gary Stieg, for information. If you know of any students looking to participate in any scholarship or fun programs, please let us know. We have a big year ahead and can use your ideas and assistance as a volunteer. If you see something of interest, please let us know and you can participate and enjoy volunteering in these activities. Officer Vacancies at your Legion Post Home: We are currently looking to fill a vacancy in our Adjutant position and our Jr. Vice is planning on becoming a snowbird (wish it was me). You can learn more about The American Legion and Post operations and receive complete training so you will be able to do these jobs and enjoy yourself. Please contact me if you are interested and are seeking more information. Help us have another great year at your Post. Thank you for your membership and participation.

For God and Country

Gary Stieg, Commander

Toys 4 Tots:

The Post again participated in the great program and we took several loads of toys to the Marine Depot and they were greatly appreciated. Thank you to all those that donated toys for this years campaign. Dates to remember: 1. January 8, 2019 – Direct Burial Abe Lincoln Cemetery. Shelter C @ 9 a.m. 2. Pictured is the 100th Anniversary pin being offered by the American Legion. The four pillars designate the 4 Legion programs the Legion supports. They are Special Olympics, Premier Boys State, Gifts to Hospitalized Veterans and the Oratorical (Speech) contest. Post 1080 purchased 3 (three) and is auctioning them off. To bid on them, put your contact information and amount of your bid in an envelope marked “100th Anniversary Pin” and give to the bartender. All auction proceeds will also go to those programs. You may purchase separately if you like at a cost of $100.00 per pin. See post for details.


January means another trip around the sun has ended and winter weather has set in. That does not mean you can’t stop by and have fun at the warm, cozy 1080 lounge. There is good food and good times to be had. Hope you all had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Many are asking about the paid up for life (PUFL) option. The post is in the process of creating a plaque with all the names of the PUFL members so now is a good time to discuss this option: Ages 18-29 $1,535.00 30-39 $1,399.00 40-49 $1,229.00 50-59 $1,025.00 60-69 $815.00 70-79 $599.00 80-89 $429.00 and over 90 $329.00 Join the 200,000 plus PUFL members and say goodbye to annual dues notices, avoid future dues increases and a lifetime subscription to the American Legion magazine. Make a statement and say you believe in the Legion’s programs and are behind the Legion for life. To get paid up for life membership, go to www.legion.org/join/PUFL or see the Adjutant. There are plenty of veterans out there in Will County, all you have to do is invite them to join; if you believe in the Legion, getting new members should be easy. You are the drivers behind this post and all new ideas are welcome. Remember, our main duty is protecting our fellow veterans, we fight for veterans rights. My other job is Post Service Officer and I ask that anyone who needs a home, hospital, or nursing home visit, call the post and leave a message. The chaplain and I will come to you.

Tony Arellano, Sr. Vice Commander


We are almost done with 2018. We had a good year I think. Membership is down but some of that is from members passing away. I do hope we can get our count back up but we need younger membership. I’m sorry to say, I started my membership at an older age. As I said, we had a fairly good year (I think). The music has been good. Good picnic, food for football games, Thanksgiving dinner, kids Christmas party (Thank you Santa John Reese), the families we helped at Christmas and the subs for Christmas day. We had some set-backs. Heating and air conditioning and the compressor for the beer line had to be replaced but we are fortunate to have the money to take care of this. One of the things coming up for the Spring is a Pub Crawl and I hope it works out well. Some new music as well as old bands. I will not be running for Junior Vice this year as I will be gone for three and a half months and the post needs full time people as officers, but I’ll help in anyway I can. I do hope we can get people to help out in this matter. I have enjoyed being Jr. Vice and helping out with the picnic. We already have the band booked for this as well as the Easter Bunny and Santa. Always remember, God Bless our members and our Post and may God Bless America.

Terry Whitney, Jr. Vice Commander


Recently, I returned from Kentucky where I visited the Noah’s Ark Encounter and also the Creation Museum. On the way back, we stopped at the Passion Shrine in St. John, Indiana. I would recommend all 3 as places to visit. The first two really emphasize the importance of the first eleven chapters of Genesis in the Bible. People of faith have not defended properly (in my opinion) these chapters which discuss the beginnings of earth and mankind. Evolution and atheism are, I believe, religions also which our nation has traded in for God and the Biblical view of creation. While there are mountains of evidence supporting the Biblical chain of events in creation, such evidence has not been presented as it should be and our nation appears to me to be turning away from God and the Bible. Of course, this is probably just exactly what you’d expect your chaplain to say. But let me give you just one scenario. In South Dakota there is a mountain called Mt. Rushmore. On it are carved out the faces of 4 of our most famous presidents. Suppose I were to tell you that after millions of years of weathering, rain, wind, ice, cracking rocks, etc., that just by accident these faces appeared on the side of this mountain. Would you believe me? Now suppose I were to tell you that only 70 or 80 years ago, intelligent life climbed up there with a few sticks of dynamite and a hammer and chisel and carved it out. Which scenario would you be most likely inclined to believe? Well, there you are! And that’s just one example of how far fetched evolution can be. Millions of years have been added to creation to mathematically give evolution even a possibility to have happened that way. Additionally, you should know that Darwin taught that the black race was closest to monkey and that the white race was the most evolved. Needless to say, Darwin was a white guy. The Bible has always taught that there is only one race, the human race, which is now backed up by DNA science. If creation was just an accident, then God doesn’t have a plan for our lives, there is no standard for mortality and we have no real purpose in life. Jeremiah 29.11 and 10.23 assure us that God has a plan for us and the ten commandments (Deut. Ch 5 and Exodus ch 20) provide us with a solid standard for mortality. And yes, we have a purpose in life; to serve Him and glorify His kingdom. The Bible is under a great deal of attack but it’s not the first time in history. Nor will it be the last. Currently in at least 51 countries around the world it is illegal to own or even possess a Bible and in some countries the penalty for possession is death. Thanks to our veterans we still have some religious freedoms in our country which we must cherish. And yes, that includes the freedom not to believe the Bible. But let’s not give up these freedoms so easily.

Chaplain Marvin “Buck” Balsley


As we turn the page on another season, it’s hard to imagine that 2018 is in our rearview mirrors. The weather has not been very cooperative. Much of the riding season really failed us after September. On Sunday, November 11th, a group of Riders left Post 1080 for the Veterans Day ceremony at the Will County courthouse where a large crowd gathered. It was a cold, 28 degrees and windy day, but it was Veterans Day. A beautiful tribute was paid to honor our Veterans. The Riders would like to thank all for your support. Without you, we would not be able to help our local veterans that need a little assistance. Our goal is to help, not only during the holiday season, but all year long. As always, May God Bless the men and women in the military and may God Bless our Veterans.

American Legion Riders


Greetings from the Auxiliary! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season. It’s hard to believe the year is coming to a close and by the time you receive this newsletter we will be ringing in a New Year and looking forward to celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the American Legion! As I reflect on the past several months since our last newsletter, the Auxiliary has been quite busy. Thank-you to all the auxiliary members who made and donated delicious side dishes and bakery towards the SAL Annual Pig Roast. The auxiliary used the proceeds from the bake sale and prepared “Blessing Bags” for the veterans going through Veterans Assistance Commission. These bags consisted of toiletries, heavy socks, gloves and hats. They are called “blessing bags” because many of the items we have and take for granted others don’t have and say “What a blessing”. We also remembered our veterans at Hope Manor/Joliet and did the same for them. We remembered our veterans at Sunny Hill with a small flag, card, firm handshake with “thanks” and a branch appropriate hat for each veteran at Sunny Hill during their Veteran’s Day program and went to other local nursing homes with cards. Some auxiliary went to JT Central’s program, some went to local schools to attend grandchildren’s programs and some went to Veteran’s Day program at the Courthouse. We were there passing out flags. We try to seize any moment we can to thank our veterans to let them know how much we appreciate them and how grateful we are for our freedom. Senior Services Center of Will County had a Veterans program and it was an honor for the auxiliary to sponsor their luncheon. Thank you to everyone who volunteered for the Children’s Christmas Party. This is a Legion event for our members and the Legion family came out to support this party. Thank you! It is always fun watching the children getting so excited and watching them with Santa aka John Reece, the 11th District Commander and then there is our retired Santa, aka Jim Condon who doesn’t forget us and is always there with a very generous donation of $200.00 to help defray the cost of the party and to make sure each child has $ in their stocking. Thank you so much for your generosity. A big thank you to everyone who supported our potica and strudel sale which is chaired by Mary Stacel for the last several years. It is a big fundraiser for the auxiliary and because of your support we are able to do what we do for our veterans. Because of your support, we are able to contribute to the “Gift to the Yanks” program through the State of Illinois and this allows our local veterans in nursing homes to receive a Christmas Gift from the American Legion and is distributed by the Auxiliary. We also give donations to Wreaths Across America and to Operation Care Package to help them with their cause as well as the SIX Point Program. I know my article is long, but I want everyone to know what the auxiliary does and where our money goes. It is an honor to be a member of the auxiliary and auxiliary president. I am grateful to all those who drop items off at the post for me to distribute such as wall calendars for veterans in nursing homes and VA’s, items for Manteno, new winter coats for struggling veterans, current magazines and paperback books, coupons, various cards and stationery, puzzles, etc. Often times I don’t have a name to thank so I am thanking you now and know everything is appreciated. There will not be an auxiliary meeting in January and hope to see you at the February 7th meeting @ 6:30 and stay tuned for a date for our annual Manteno Pie and Ice Cream social with the veterans sometime at the end of March. In closing, I wish you all Peace, Good Health and Happiness in 2019 and may Post 1080 continue to be the great post that it is!

Sue Bustin Auxiliary President


Our holidays will soon be upon us. We wish every member a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy New Year. Congratulations to all Auxiliary members who have paid their 2018-2019 dues. We still have members who owe for 2017-2018 dues and 2018-2019 dues. Please send in your payment of $25.00 so we can keep you on our roster and our American Legion Family. You can pay your dues at the American Legion Post 1080 or mail your dues to me at: 16244 Tomahawk Lake Court, Crest Hill, IL 60403. If you have any questions regarding payment of your dues please call me. My phone number is 815-556-8676. Thank you for all you do to support us. Enjoy the coming days and God Bless all of you.

Terry Stieg, Membership Chairman



Lord, as we begin a new year, let us resolve to keep a promise, seek out a forgotten friend, listen, laugh, brighten the heart of a child, encourage the young, appreciate our elders, express our gratitude, take pleasure in the beauty and wonder of life, and speak Your love to others. Dear Lord, guide us in the New Year to grow closer together in our families, in our Units, in our world. Let us always strive to bring peace to the world. Let us live each day to the fullest. For all the blessings of the year, we give You thanks, O Lord, Amen.

Hope everyone has a great 2019!

Mary Ann Whitney, Chaplain


Jan 11  –  Half Baked Potatoes 8 p.m.    

January  25  –  Reed’s Trio 8 p.m.

February 1  –  Route 66 8 p.m.                           

February 8  –  Half Baked Potatoes 8 p.m.                       

February 22 –  Grace & John 8 p.m.

March 8  –  Half Baked Potatoes 8 p.m.

March 22 –  Reed’s Trio 8 p.m.

April 5  –  Route 66 8 p.m