Newsletter – APRIL – JUNE 2017


The Post 1080 annual election of Officers is starting now.

You are encouraged to participate in the operations of your American Legion Post by becoming an officer.

Requirements for positions include being a member in good standing and attend General and Board meetings monthly. One meeting each which lasts one hour.

Nominations from the floor are accepted at the May General meeting on the first Tuesday of May which is the 2nd and the General meeting starts at 8 p.m. The board meetings are the 3rd Tuesday at 8 p.m.

Elected positions and job descriptions:

Commander: Duties include presiding over all meetings, wakes and other post activities. Holds position of Chief Executive Officer of the Post and will supervise over business and affairs of the post.

Senior Vice Commander: Will assume the responsibilities of the Commander while the Commander is unable. Will support the Commander with post operations when needed. In addition to his other duties, he is responsible for membership.

Junior Vice Commander: Duties include assisting the Commander particularly in patriotic observances of all kind and in developing post activities and in the entertainment features.

Finance Officer: Duties include being in charge of all financial activities of the Post. This includes taxes, insurance, payrolls, etc. He will provide a written monthly report to the members at the General meeting. He will make recommendations on the use and raising of funds for the post. He will have one of the required signatures on post checks.

Post Historian: Duties include photographing post events and recording events of the Post. He shall also perform other duties that pertain to the office as directed by the Post.

Chaplain: The Post Chaplain is charged with the spiritual welfare of members by providing divine, but non-sectarian, service and dedications, funerals, public functions and post meetings. He will follow ceremonial guides as recommended by the national or department. He is the chairman to the sick committee.

Sergeant-At-Arms: Duties include security and preserve order at all meetings and perform other duties as assigned to him by the Post Executive Board.

Trustee: Duties include conducting inventories as required and maintain internal control of the Post operations. This is a three year position unlike the others that are one year.


Spring is here and soon we begin outdoor activities. Volunteers are needed to help maintain the building and property. 2 hours of your time will be greatly appreciated. In the month of May our Color Guard will serve twice on Memorial Day. We will be at the Memorial Day Service at St. Joseph’s Cemetery. The service begins at 10:00 a.m.

At 2 p.m., we will be at Crest Hill Memorial Garden for the Memorial Day Service. The uniform of the day will be Summer Dress Uniforms. To join the Color Guard is easy. Tell us you are interested!!!

During the General Meeting in May, we will nominate officers from the floor for the upcoming election of officers. The election will be held the first Tuesday in June. Positions to be voted on in the election are from Commander to Trustees. This includes voting for members nominated to attend the Department Convention. This covers every position except the Post Adjutant and the Post Service Officer. These two positions are appointed. By taking part in the election, by running for office or by voting, you are voicing your concern for the welfare of our post.

All newly elected officers will be installed during our American Legion Family Installation of Officers. This encompasses the Auxiliary, the S.A.L. and the Legion Riders. This will take place after the Convention. The date and time will be announced.

Remember our veterans in your actions and prayers. Please pray for the women and men of our Armed Forces.

May God Bless America and our Post.

Thank you for allowing me to serve.

Andy Hinch, Commander


It may be white outside but be assured Spring is almost here, I hope. Membership this year is going well but currently we are well behind last year. To date we have 617 new and renewal members and our target is 747 so your help in renewing or referring veteran friends is needed and will be appreciated. We have many upcoming events for you and them to enjoy. They include the Kids Easter Party, cruise nights and the post picnic.

Please remember all the positive changes to your VA benefits were sponsored by the American Legion and our size is why Congress listens and makes changes.

Scholarship updates: The Americanism Oratorical Contest for High School Students is winding down and I am very pleased to announce Post 1080 sponsored Jadon Buzzard won the District Contest and finished third in the Department Contest giving him scholarship money to be used with the school of his choice. Way to go Jadon. The next large scholarship opportunity is Premier Boys State and Girls State. These both are for either young men or women who have completed their junior year of High School. Each program is in June and is a week long program where the student competes in running for office, including campaigning, speaking and organizing the campaign. This is a truly wonderful program for our young people to enjoy and the top scholarships are $20,000, but many lesser amounts are won. If you know someone eligible and desiring to go, please let the post know as the post needs to sponsor them.

Our annual Poppy Drive will soon be here and this year’s program will be similar to previous years. Stores and street corners have been selected as collection sites but if you want to participate and have a favorite collection site, please let us know so we can obtain an authorization form. Your continued help is again requested and a sign-up sheet and collection site information will be on the bulletin board in our lounge area. The information and sign-up sheets will be posted May 1st. Please sign up early. Our collection dates will be May 26 and May 27 morning and early afternoons. If you want to work other hours, please let us know so it can be arranged. If you can only collect for one or two hours that is wonderful and will be appreciated. Donuts and coffee in the morning and lunch will be provided both days, similar to previous years. Thank you and I hope you can help this year so we can have another successful Poppy collection. Remember all collected money goes to veterans and their families.

Thank you for allowing me to serve.
For God and Country



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Your Post is planning an open house on April 23, 2017. There will be guest speakers from the VAC and from the local VA clinic as well as other surprises. Please let your friends know about this event so that we can reach out to as many veterans as possible. Currently we are offering $20.00 membership for new members. Again, if you know of any veteran that needs a visit, please let me or the chaplain know.

Tony Arellano – Service Officer


Below I have included a few thoughts to live by:

Adam faced Satan on a full stomach; Jesus fasted for 40 days.
Adam had Eve; Jesus was alone.
Adam was challenged to remain sinless in a sinless world;
Jesus remained sinless in a sin infested world.
Alcoholism is bondage.
I pray for all of you Lord, and none of me.
An atheist has a hopeless end; a Christian has endless hope.
An atheist funeral equals “all dressed up and no place to go”.
The Bible is a traveler’s map, a pilgrim’s staff, a pilot’s compass, a soldier’s sword, and a Christian’s charter.
The Bible is infallible, inerrant, everlasting and eternal!
Binge eating, budget busting gambling, excessive drinking, pornography-all are short term solutions to deep seeded problems.
We should be caring for the least, the last, and the lost.
Coincidence can be God working when He chooses to remain anonymous.
Eternity crashed into time when Jesus was born.
Every crisis has an expiration date.
Expect nothing but appreciate everything.
Faith is not the belief that God will do what you want but that He’ll do what is right
and best for you.
Faith can be the Word of God acted out with confidence.
God can deliver you out of every fiery furnace.
You may not always be in control of our circumstances, but you are always in control of your heart.
People seem to be rushing to hell as if it might be filled up before they get there!
If He’s not Lord of all then He’s not Lord at all.
It would be easier to alter the atomic and molecular structure of matter than for right to ever become wrong or for good to ever become evil.
Justified means “just as if I’d” never sinned.
The Lion of Judah became “Mary’s little Lamb.”
Love doesn’t keep a ledger of the failures of others.
Confession of sin is simply agreeing with God that what we did was wrong.
Guilt can be a healthy regret for telling God one thing and yet doing another.
The grace of God never runs out.

Chaplain Marvin “Buck” Balsley


Dominick’s service to our country did not end when he left the Navy. He continued by helping and supporting veterans and their families.

He was a past president, treasurer, secretary and chaplain with the American Legion Riders and former Commander of Post 1080.

Dominick rode in the Legion Legacy Run in the last 6 years. That was one of his loves, but that was second to the love of his family and friends.

Dom; you are second to none.

The American Legion Riders


Greetings from the Auxiliary. Hurrah—Spring is here!!! The Auxiliary is looking forward to the warmer weather, longer days and upcoming activities at Post 1080.

We had a fun time at our Dance on March 11th! We enjoyed listening and dancing to Mary Pfeifer and the Troublemakers! They were great and we thank them for playing for us! A huge thank-you to all of you who attended and/or donated (either with food or a monetary donation). Thank you specifically to the “awesome, usual” Auxiliary members who worked hard to make the dance a success! Thank you to the Legion for their generous donation of the hall usage and a monetary donation. We sincerely thank you all! The Auxiliary uses all the money raised from our dance for our veterans, active military and military families.

We hope to see many of our members at the Easter Party on April 8th! Of course the Easter Bunny will be here (thanks again to Jim Condon!!) and there will be games and craft tables. Try not to miss this afternoon for a chance to see your fellow members! If you would like to volunteer at the party, please be at the Post at 12:15. Let’s support each other!

It’s not too late to order your spring potica! The order cut-off date is April 1st and potica pick-up is April 8th from 9 a.m. until noon. The potica are $16.00 and order forms are in the hallway at the Post. Thank you for ordering; this is a big fundraiser for the Auxiliary.

Please join us for our Auxiliary Meetings held at the Post at 6:30 p.m. Our upcoming meeting dates are April 6th, May 4th and June 1st. At a recent District meeting, we were asked why we originally joined the Auxiliary. It’s a great question to ponder – “Why did you join the Auxiliary?” Hopefully your main reason is pride in serving veterans, our military, and serving our community. Do you know that our Auxiliary has over 200
members (Seniors and Juniors) and only about a handful attend our meetings regularly? To all of our Auxiliary members, please try to come to an upcoming meeting. You joined for a reason!

May 4th is Guest Night/Gold Star Night at our regular meeting. The start time for this meeting will be 6:00 (30 minutes earlier than our normal time.) We are very excited that our State of Illinois Auxiliary President, Luella Buske, will be attending our meeting. Jan Martinka, president of the 11th District, will also be attending.

Nominations for our Auxiliary Officers will be held at our May 4th meeting and voting will be on June 1st.

May 26th and 27th are Poppy Days! Please sign up at the Bar if you are interested in collecting money. Volunteers are greatly needed and much appreciated!

ALA-Illini Girls State at Eastern Illinois University provides a program to promote patriotism and the democratic process for our teens who have completed their junior year in high school and maintained at least a C average or higher. Girls should be interested in government and current events. The Auxiliary pays for their trip and transportation. If you know a girl who would be interested in attending, applications are located in the hallway at the Post. Please contact Lori Peterson at 815-545-7471 if you would like more information. The deadline to apply is May 1, 2017.

Don’t forget Flag Day is June 14th. Please visit the Post for details for the Flag Day observance ceremony.

Thank you to all of our veterans for their sacrifices. Please remember our Veterans, active military, military families and first responders in your thoughts and prayers.

Thank you for allowing me to serve as your Auxiliary President, Lori Peterson.


Nancy Wilda
Auxiliary Membership Chairman


Hi Ladies! It looks like Spring is coming early. After Spring comes Summer, which means August 1st I will start collecting 2018 dues. We have not yet reached 100% paid dues from our membership. We are at 75%. Come on Ladies, help the Auxiliary continue to help our Veterans, pay your dues. Did you know you can pay your dues online? If not, go to, click on Members only, and follow online directions. Things to have assembled before you start: Your membership card, a password you can remember, and a pen and paper. We have some really clever Ladies who already use the site to pay their dues plus they save postage, time and gas. Think about it, it only takes 60 seconds to register. HAPPY SPRING!!!!

Nancy Wilda
Auxiliary Membership Chairman