October – December 2018



The American Legion Department of Illinois announced the 22 statewide winners for the annual Sweepstakes drawing which was held July 14th at the State Convention in Springfield, IL. Post 1080 is pleased to announce we had two winners in this years drawing, and they are:

2nd Place winner of $5,000.00 is Daniel T. Mahoney
21st Place winner of $100.00 is John A. Fink, Jr.

Congratulations to both of you and way to go!

Next, at the Post Picnic on August 18th, we were pleased to announce the six (6) winners of the Early Renewal Raffle. Remember, to be in this raffle all you needed to do was renew by the date of the picnic and you are automatically placed in the drawing. The winners for 2018-2019 are as follows:

1st Place winner of $300.00 is David Johnson
2nd Place winner of $200.00 is Peter Stefanich
3rd Place winner of $100.00 is James Fronek
4th Place winner of $ 50.00 is Phillip Close
5th Place winner of $ 25.00 is Sidney Bick
6th Place winner of $ 25.00 is Richard O’Connor

Congratulations for renewing early and winning big! We look forward to pulling your names again next year.


This is my first article as your Commander and I am pleased and honored to serve you as your Commander. First I would like to thank Andrew Hinch, Jr. for serving as our Commander for 13 successful years and I look forward to continuing to work with him and seeking his council for the upcoming year.

I have big shoes to fill and will be making suggestions and implementing some new programs aimed at adding more interest in both the Post and the American Legion. As you probably know, we lost members from last years membership for several reasons. Having 42 members go to be with our Lord is something we cannot address except to ask everyone to remember them as they will be missed. Those that chose to leave the area will also be missed and I hope they will not have to shovel snow. Those that lost interest is something we can address as we feel they did not understand the Post and purpose of the American Legion. To answer questions and show what the American Legion does, the following initiatives are being implemented.

1. Have a series of Meet and Greets for any new member of Post 1080. This will include members new to the Post and new to the American Legion. We will cover the Post, its history, what it has meant to the City of Joliet and where we see it going. The Color Guard and Legion Riders will be introduced. Then we will discuss the American Legion, its programs for our youth and Scholarships being offered. We will also cover what is available for Veterans in need for financial assistance and help for those having issues with the VA system. The Meet and Greets will also be open to current members who wish to be more informed. These will be open to family members with appetizers and beverage provided. If you are a current member and wish to be on the invitation list, please let the Office know at 815-729-2254 and you will be invited.
2. Next, we will be recognizing families of those currently serving our military. They will receive a Blue Star to display in their window signifying they have a child in service, a certificate of appreciation and one year membership in the American Legion. If you have a neighbor or know someone who qualifies, please let the Office know at 815-729-2254.
3. Finally, we are introducing a Scholarship program to be offered exclusively by the Post. We will provide 4 scholarships of $500.00 each to those looking to attend either college or a trade school. To be eligible to win, you will need to write an Essay up to 500 words on the topic of “What are my responsibilities as a U.S. Citizen?” For students not attending college in the near future, The American Legion Department of Illinois has a similar Essay Contest and topic and it is open to anyone in grades 7-12. Cash awards and rules are posted on the State website which is legion.org and the needed information is under the “Americanism Essay Contest” header. The top winner in the Post Contest will automatically be entered in the State contest giving the author a chance for more scholarship money. Please help us find kids and grandkids, neighbors or anyone in these age brackets who wish to participate. For more information please contact the Post at 815-729-2254.

I realize what is being laid out is aggressive and will need a lot of attention but when successful, the Post should have better informed participating members. I look forward to a busy and fun year. Should you have any questions or wish to participate in any program, please let the office know.

For God and Country

Gary Stieg, Commander


Post 1080 is currently at 70.8% paid up members. There are still 180 members needed to reach 100%. If you have paid and receive a 2nd notice, ignore it, just a lag in paperwork. The post is planning fun activities for new and longtime members, more to follow on this. It pays to belong to the Legion, and you all make this post thrive through your support.

Our hearts go out to the family of Senator John McCain, a true American Hero.

Tony Arellano, Sr. Vice Commander


Three more months have passed since the last newsletter. We have three months left in this year!

Most people I think say we had a nice picnic. People enjoyed the music. (Good Band) Mary said they would come back next year to do the picnic. We did run out of food this year but we will be making changes next year in the way it is given out and we won’t run out. Oh well, you live and learn.

We do still need your support for this project as well as with other projects around the post.

We need help with food for football games so sign up on the sheet for the games. The sheet is on the back bar. Ask bartender for it.

MaryAnn and I still go out listening to music acts. I sign these acts so if you don’t care for them just listen and keep quiet or you can drink some other place that night. It’s that simple, that means everyone.

We have Thanksgiving coming up so we will have dinner here at the post again.

We are planning our usual Christmas doings like last year. Plans for this season will start in the near future.

Please don’t forget to help out anyway you can.

God Bless our Veterans and God Bless America.

Thanks for the help we do get.

Terry Whitney, Jr. Vice Commander

More and more I am concerned with clergy who appear to put their political affiliation ahead of their commitment to God. It used to be that we concerned ourselves mostly with clergy and ministers and “people of the cloth,” so to speak, who were phony. They were just trying to bilk people out of their money. And such people are still around. But lately it seems to me more and more to be clergy placing their main allegiance to political views and even to political parties and candidates. While I understand this is America and people have a right to their views, using God’s name, the church, the Bible or even a title such as “Reverend” or “minister” etc. to promote personal political views, parties, and/or candidates I feel is inappropriate. In Matthew 7:21-23 Jesus comments on such people who did do some good and positive things came out of their ministries but who did not place Him first. Commitment to Jesus may have been on their list of priorities but He was not first and as such, Jesus said he’ll tell such people “I never knew you; depart from Me…” This verse bothers a lot of clergy folks as well it should. Lately, a lot has been said regarding Senator John McCain who as a POW-MIA, thank God, came back from war and returned to us. Controversy over to lower the flag or not in his honor is understandably a concern to all veterans. But clergy, (including your chaplain) need to be careful not to use our positions to blatantly promote political views, parties and or candidates. If you appreciate freedom of speech, don’t thank a newspaper editor, thank a veteran. If you appreciate freedom of religion, don’t thank a minister or priest, thank a veteran. If you appreciate freedom to select our own leaders, don’t thank a politician, thank a veteran. And if you appreciate your right to live in peace and from fear and oppression, please thank a veteran.

Chaplain Marvin “Buck” Balsley


Can you believe summer is almost a distant memory?

With seasonal change being inevitable, warm weather riding is about to change. Make sure that you check your tire pressure, watch for farmers and their field harvesting and dress for the cooler weather and shorter daylight hours.

Dan will keep us updated on remaining rides with other local American Legions by text or email, making a larger impact for our veterans.

If any rider has a favorite destination, please speak up. We can make it happen either this year or next.

As always, may God Bless the men and women who have helped secure the safety of our nation.

American Legion Riders


Greetings from the Auxiliary!
Our auxiliary had our first meeting of the program year on 9/6 and it was nice to see everyone and reconnect after not having meetings in July/August. Newly elected Commander Gary Stieg was there to present the Auxiliary share of the Poppy funds collected which was over $2,000.00. Thank you to everyone who supported the poppy drive. All of your efforts made it a successful event. Carol Walden installed the officers that had not been installed at the American Legion Family joint installation where Betty Peterson installed those officers who were present. Thank you ladies!

Our Auxiliary slate of officers for the 2018-2019 year is as follows:

Sue Bustin President
Terry Stieg Vice President/Membership Chairman
Mary Stacel Treasurer
Barb Guardia Secretary
Patricia McReynolds Historian
MaryAnn Whitney Chaplain
Janet Hughes Sgt. At Arms
Carole Oikion Asst. Sgt. At Arms

I would like to take this opportunity to thank two very special auxiliary ladies. Betty Peterson is no longer Vice President and some years ago had given up being membership chairman. When I met Betty 16 plus years ago, she was the “hostess with the mostess” here at Post 1080. I thought what a classy lady and she was a Navy Veteran from WW2 too! WOW! How special is that?! I got to know Betty over the years and she was one of those people who was ALWAYS there to help with anything that needed to be done. Betty says she plans to still be involved and help when she can. Thank you Betty for your service in the Navy and all you do and have done over the years at Post 1080. They say an apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and that shows true as Lori Peterson, has been our Auxiliary President the last two years and has done a fantastic job as President. Lori was very instrumental in many successful fundraisers and events the auxiliary had over the last several years and has gone over and above in her efforts. Lori too is one of those people who are always there to help. Thank you Lori for all you have done for the auxiliary, Post 1080 legion family events, and for brightening so many veterans days as they crossed your path.

This program year 2018-2019 is going to be a memorable year as it is the 100th year for the American Legion. It’s actual birthday is March 15, 2019 when the legion turns 100. I did a little research and found that our Post 1080 legion was chartered in 1946 at St. Joseph Park Hall and Post 1080 Auxiliary was chartered in 1948. Plans, I hear, are in the making to have a special event to observe the 100th Anniversary.

The auxiliary is having our annual Holiday potica and strudel sale (see flyer in newsletter). Congratulations to all the new officers within the Legion family. I am looking forward to working with all of you. Thank you to outgoing Commander Andrew Hinch for his 13 years here as Commander and to Adjutant George Madden for all he has done the past 7 years. Kudos to them for a job well done!

Veterans Day, Sunday, November 11th is right around the corner. It is one day we stand united in respect for our veterans. We celebrate American Veterans for their patriotism, love of country and willingness to serve and sacrifice for the common good. I hope all the veterans who read this newsletter know how much they are appreciated. Thank you for your service!

Since this is our last newsletter of the year, I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Please remember the holidays are not always happy times for our struggling veterans and our deployed soldiers, so please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

Sue Bustin
Auxiliary President


Congratulations to all Auxiliary members who have paid their 2019 dues. Keep up the good work.

We still have members who owe for 2019. Our dues are $25.00 for the year. You can pay your dues at American Legion Post 1080 or mail your dues to me at

16244 Tomahawk Lake Court
Crest Hill, IL 60403

Checks are the preferred method of payment for dues. Cash is fine, but please make sure it is in an envelope with the correct amount, your name and phone number.

If you have any questions regarding payment of your dues please call me. My phone number is 815-556-8676.

Thank you for all you do to support us. Enjoy the coming days and God Bless all of you.

Terry Stieg, Membership Chairman

Heavenly Father, bless us as we are gathered here tonight to celebrate the anniversary of the birthday of the American Legion, that great organization which has continued to serve America for the past 100 years. We thank Thee for the opportunity which has been given to the American Legion Auxiliary to have a part in everything which the American Legion has done and in sharing its endeavors.

Grant that the patriotic enthusiasm which inspired these legionnaires to serve our Country in time of war may continue to guide their activities at all times, and that the principles of Justice, Freedom, Loyalty and Democracy may be preserved for a happy and secure America. Bless all of our efforts for God and Country, and may we continue to be mutually helpful to each other. Amen

MaryAnn Whitney, Auxiliary Chaplain

***There will be a drop-off box for Toys for Tots in the hallway at the Post from Nov. 1st thru Dec. 6th. New and unwrapped toys and books will be accepted. Stuffed animals will not be accepted. Boy and girl age groups are: 0 to 3, 3 to 6, 6 to 9 and 10 to 12. Ages 8 to 12 is the age group that usually is short on donations. Toys R Us was a large sponsor and are no longer in business so monetary donations are also needed. Thank you in advance for any support for this great cause***