Newsletter – OCTOBER – DECEMBER 2017Fall is coming and darkness comes soon, be mindful of school children and pedestrians. The Volunteers of America Illinois have opened Hope Manor


Fall is coming and darkness comes soon, be mindful of school children and pedestrians. The Volunteers of America Illinois have opened Hope Manor Apartments for veterans. The apartments are located at Old Silver Cross Hospital. If you know of someone in need of a home, pass the word along.

On Veterans Day, November 11th, our Color Guard will serve at the Will County Courthouse. The ceremony begins at 10:00 a.m. After the ceremony, we will have Open House at 1080. Come out and enjoy a great day with your fellow veterans.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Andy Hinch, Commander


Good day all and I hope you had a wonderful summer. Membership for 2017 closed with your Post finishing at 100% and staying the largest Post in Will County. Our new Junior Vice, Terry Whitney, provided us with a great picnic to help close the summer activities and has plans for fall and winter. Membership renewals and new membership are doing well and are ahead of 2017 and I thank you for renewing early. For those who have not yet renewed, please remember you have several options which include:

1. PUFL option: This is a lifetime option and can be done online only. Please go to the national website of or the state website and click on renew.
2. 5 year option: Annual dues are $40.00 and the cost of the 5 year option is $175.00, a savings of $25.00. This option can be purchased only through the Post. This is becoming a very popular option and you receive a GOLD membership card. This program is only available in Illinois.
3. Annual membership online. You can renew online with a credit card. Both the National and State websites include this option.
4. Annual membership cash or check can be handled through the Post. Just mail or bring to the Post your dues for 2018.

It has been my pleasure to be your membership chairman for the last 10 years and I look forward to working with you in the future. Please get your dues for 2018 in early so Post 1080 can remain the largest Post in Will County.

Gary Stieg
Senior Vice Commander and Membership Chairman

American Legion Scholarship Programs:

The American Legion has always been a Veterans organization with many programs for our families. Children and Youth programs lead this effort with many opportunities for our kids and grandkids to earn scholarships for college. I am pleased to list many of the scholarship programs offered BUT there are other programs such as the Police Academy Youth Rifle, etc. that are not scholarships but sought by many of you, our members. Please check the American Legion website for more information. Following is a listing of most of the current scholarship programs. Remember all competitions must be sponsored by Post 1080 so please contact the Post for more information on any of the programs.

1. Americanism (Oratorical Contest): This program offers the opportunity for high school students to compete on local, state and national levels by giving speeches on some aspect of our Constitution. This is a very competitive program and scholarships in excess of $20,000.00 can be earned for those winning the state competition and competing in the National Contests. The Contest starts just after the new year so you should start planning NOW so you do not miss out. I run the Northern Illinois programs so please contact me for information.
2. Essay Contest: This program is offered by the Auxiliary program and the student is required to complete a 500 word essay on an assigned topic. Awards are over $1,000.00 and completion date is early February. Contact the Post Auxiliary for details.
3. American Legion Legacy Scholarships: This is a program I hope never to use because it provides FULL scholarships for children of service people killed in action while in service from 1990. If you know of anyone who may be eligible please let me know.
4. Boy Scout and Eagle Scout scholarships: This is a series of scholarships ranging up to $10,000.00 for the National Eagle Scout winner.
5. Baseball scholarships: Similar to Boy Scouts, this program offers many levels of scholarships.
6. American Legion Scholarship Award. This is under the education section of American Legion website and assists students in covering expenses of college AND Trade Schools.
7. Poppy Posters: This program is in conjunction with the Poppies we sell that help the Legion provide monies for veterans and their families. Any age student can compete and win. Deadline to enter is the end of March of each year. Prizes increase as the student enters a higher grade level.
8. Samsung Scholarship: This is offered ONLY to students who have completed their JUNIOR year of high school and not yet entered their Senior year. It is also offered for home schooled students of the same age. Scholarship awards are 10 @ $10,000.00 for National Winners, 10 @ $5,000.00 for runner ups and $1,250.00 for remaining. Eligibility is limited to Direct Dependents of Veterans and the student MUST attend either Premier Boys State or Girls State which are wonderful programs run in June each year. The attending students will be asked to form and run the 51st State of the United States. Two state students from each program will go to either Boys Nation or Girls Nation where they will compete to become a U.S. Senator and win additional scholarships. This part of the program includes a visit with the President of the United States.

Remember, all these programs require sponsorship by your Post. Please get information from the website or visit the Post for details. Let us help you get scholarship money for your kids and grandkids. You can also get scholarship opportunities for other children that you feel worthy.

Thank you and I look forward to working with you on Legion kids and youth programs.

Gary Stieg, Americanism chairman Post 1080, Will County, 11th District and 2nd Division


It seems that our projects around the post never end. After taking the job of Jr. Vice, I find this is a big job but so far it seems okay.

We started out with the picnic. Everyone who attended seemed to have a good time. The only thing I will say about that is we’ll start earlier for next year.

The ongoing things as of now are the food for the football games as there are about six or so games unclaimed yet and I hope people will step up and offer to provide the food for these games. The post will cover up to $50.00 for the cost, so let’s step up. Thank you.
My wife and I have been going out listening to different bands for the post and will have old and some new ones here so please come listen to them. I have an Elvis tribute artist for Saturday, Dec. 2nd and would like a good turnout for that.

Remember the kids Christmas Party in December. We need help so we will be starting to get that going.

Again, I want to thank everyone who helped getting the picnic done with and those who attended and to Pete who prepared the food. To everyone, thank you!

Terry Whitney, Jr. Vice Commander (Get Well Andy)

No report


It has been my pleasure to serve as post service officer. I am the first step in working with veterans and dependents who want information or want to file a claim with the Veterans Administration. My duties are as follows:

1. Assist members of the Post, widows and dependents and any other veterans who ask for help in obtaining rightful benefits from the Federal or State government.
2. Never release confidential information, such as conditions claimed, or person information of the claimant.
3. Keep members informed of any new information regarding entitlements and benefits being offered.
4. Assist veterans and survivors free of charge, there is no fee for any assistance.
5. Shall never refuse to assist any veteran or survivor, it is up to the Veterans Assistance Commission or the Department Service Officer to accept or deny the claim.
6. Shall not keep any original or copies of documents submitted by the claimant.
7. Conduct myself in a totally professional manner.

Anyone who needs assistance should contact the post and leave a number at where I can reach you.

Tony Arellano, Service Officer Post 1080 American Legion


This time I wish to discuss a common comment I hear from many people that “as long as you’re a good Christian, a good Buddhist, a good Muslim, a good Hindu or a good whatever, it’s all ok because it’s all the same God.” Well, even just a superficial look in to the religions of the world tells us that that’s not a true understanding of world religions. Buddhists have their 8 steps to Nirvana and do not consider Buddha a god. The Muslim Book of Koran teaches that Allah has begotten no son and has no son (compare this to the Christian God). Hindus have hundreds, if not thousands of gods. The Bible is quite clear, also, about the exclusivity of Jesus. In John 14:6 Jesus tells us that no one gets to God the Father except through Him (Jesus) and Acts 4:12 states that there is no other name (Jesus) under heaven by which man must be saved. So, for the Christian at least, there are no alternative paths to heaven except through Jesus. Other faiths can also be equally exclusive.

As men and women who have served our country in uniform, preserving religious freedom is of utmost importance. It’s the first thing mentioned in the first of ten of the Bill of Rights. U.S. citizens have the right to worship God as they please (or not). In our area, we have numerous houses of worship available to our citizens to enjoy as they wish (or not). Recently at Culvers restaurant there were Amish people eating when my wife and I entered. Their dress looked a little “strange” to us but we were reminded of what our servicemen and women fight for.

Jewish, Muslim, Amish or whatever, we were willing to fight to the death if necessary for people to worship as they please. And that’s what America is all about and that’s something to be proud of.

Chaplain Marvin “Buck” Balsley


As another riding season quickly passes by, we had several group rides that were well attended and a lot of fun.

Bob Binge, one of our own riders, showed what many riders are made of by donating back “The Crusin’ 4 Kids” 50/50 win to a little peanut named Sophia. God Bless both of you.

The riders will have a busy Autumn Season donating gift cards to veterans in need.

As always, may God Bless the United States of America and the men and women who serve.


Planning is currently going on for our 2nd Annual Pig Roast to benefit the Will County Veterans Assistance Commission. It will be held on Sunday, October 22nd from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Once again, all profits will be donated to the VAC. Cost is $10.00 for ages 13 to adult, $5.50 for children 3 to 12 and children under 3 are free. The SAL will also have beer and pop available at reduced prices. The Auxiliary will be baking and selling homemade desserts to top off your meal. There will also be split the pot raffles and live entertainment.

Last year we were able to donate $1,000.00 to the VAC due to your generosity and full stomachs! We hope to top that this year, so plan on coming out with your family and friends for an afternoon of food, entertainment, and enjoyment!

Ray Ebner – Project Chairman
Jim Heckler – Commander


Greetings from the Auxiliary!

Our new year has started! Hi to all of the Auxiliary members and the entire Post 1080 Legion Family! We had our Joint Installation of Officers on July 18th. Thank you to Commander Andy Hinch on behalf of the Legion for including us. Congratulations to all of the officers of our Post 1080 Family!! Thank you also to Pete, Mediterranean Kitchen, and Georganne for serving the food for installation, too! What would we do without Georganne!

We had election of officers in June and our officers for 2017-2018 are: Betty Peterson, First Vice-President, MaryAnne Whitney, Chaplain, Mary Stacel, Treasurer, Janet Hughes, Sergeant-At-Arms, Carole Oikion (newly installed) Asst. Sergeant-At-Arms, and Patricia McReynolds (newly installed) Historian. Barb Guardia kindly accepted the position of Secretary. I am honored to serve a second year as President; thank you for supporting the Auxiliary! Thank you to our outgoing officers, Nancy Wilda, 2nd Vice President, Sue Bustin, Secretary, and Barb Guardia, Asst. Sgt-At-Arms. We all very much appreciate your contribution to our Auxiliary, and thank you for serving!

We had our first meeting of the year on September 7th. Thank you to Gary Stieg as Legion Poppy Chair, who presented us with a share of the Poppy Drive that was held over Memorial Day! Thank you to all who donated – in any fashion – toward the Poppy Drive!
We are excited about this new year and have started discussing our plans for the upcoming year. This year’s activities/events include: a Flea-Vendor Market/Bake Sale, selling the best Potica around, the kid’s Christmas/Holiday Party, Pie/Ice Cream social at the Manteno Veteran’s Home, the Auxiliary guest night at our regular meeting on April 5th, Easter Party, and hopefully a host of other not-yet-thought-up ideas. Please feel free to share your ideas with any Auxiliary member! You can always email me at if you have any ideas or comments to share. Please know that all monies raised by the Auxiliary during the year go directly to benefit Veterans, active and retired military, and military families.

We are also planning to support the Sons of the Legion at their Pig Roast on Sunday, October 22nd. It’s their 2nd annual, and it’s a great time! Please come and show your support for them! They are also having a bake sale during the Pig Roast and are asking for donations of baked goods. Please consider bringing some bakery to the Legion October 22nd between 11 a.m. – noon (or whenever you can drop your bakery off). The SAL does great things!

We have reserved October 28th from 2:00-3:30 for a visit to the Manteno Veteran’s Home for our annual Pie/Ice Cream Social. We love our visits with the veterans at Manteno. Everyone is invited to attend!

Please remember Veteran’s Day is November 11th (a Saturday this year). We hope to see you at the Ceremony at the Will County Courthouse. The ceremony starts at 11:00; music starts at 10:30.

We are taking orders for our winter potica sale. The pick-up date for the poticas is December 9th from 9 – 12 with an order deadline of December 4th. All orders must be pre-ordered and prepaid. Please see the enclosed order flyer. Flyers are also in the lobby of the Post. Thank you for supporting us through your potica order! We will also be selling poticas in the spring.

Post 1080’s Christmas Party has been scheduled for December 9th from 1 – 3. Santa will be here! We hope to see you and your families there! It’s such a nice afternoon and fun to see everyone interacting with each other and Santa! Don’t forget that after the Christmas Party is the Army/Navy (Navy/Army game). (My sister Sandy and I are daughters of a Navy and an Army veteran; it’s hard to decide which Branch to list first!)

The Auxiliary is looking forward to the upcoming year, and behalf of the Auxiliary, we are so very proud to be able to help with Veterans, veteran’s issues, military, and to be part of this American Legion family. Please remember our veterans in your thoughts and prayers.

We encourage and invite all members to attend our Auxiliary meetings! If you’re an Auxiliary member and haven’t been to a meeting in a while, please come to one soon! We would love to see you! If you are eligible to join as a member, please join! The meetings are held at Post 1080 on the first Thursday of the month at 6:30 p.m. Meeting nights for 2017 are October 5th and November 2nd. Last year instead of a December meeting, we went out for dinner. We probably will do that again this year but it hasn’t been discussed or finalized yet. The first meeting for 2018 will be February 1st. We all look forward to meeting many members that we may not have met along the way.

With sincere thanks, Lori Peterson, Auxiliary President


A Freedom Blessing:

Today on Patriot Day, I remember the tragedy, the pain, the fear. I remember the everyday heroes who stepped up to comfort, rescue and rebuild. I remember how even the darkest times, you are faithful.

MaryAnn Whitney
Auxiliary Chaplain


Oct. 13, 2017 – Half Baked Potatoes 8 to midnight
Oct. 22, 2017 – S.A.L. Pig Roast
Oct. 27, 2017 – Thunder Road Band 8 to midnight
Oct. 28, 2017 – Manteno Ice Cream Social 2 – 3:30

Nov. 10, 2017 – Half Baked Potatoes 8 – midnight
Nov. 11, 2017 – Open House at 1080 for Veterans Day
Nov. 24, 2017 – Thunder Road Band 8 to midnight

Dec. 2, 2017 – Nick Miller (Elvis) 8:00 p.m.
Dec. 9, 2017 – Kids Christmas Party 1:00-3:00
Dec. 9, 2017 – Army/Navy Game
Dec. 15, 2017 – In The Pocket 8 p.m.
Dec. 22, 2017 – Half Baked Potatoes 8 – midnight